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Potter Minton Appreciates their Staff

We firmly believe that we have, by far, the best support staff around and look forward to expressing our appreciation particularly on Support Staff Appreciation Day.

Every day, year after year, our staff takes exceptional care of us.  On April 27th, it was our opportunity to take care of our cherished staff.  What better way than by having the attorneys make breakfast (from scratch) for our support staff.  Yes, this was the real deal, there were no frozen waffles, or premade pancakes to be found anywhere.

We won’t say that it went off entirely without a hitch, as once the griddles and waffle irons were fired up, the breaker blew immediately.  Visions of running to a local vendor for breakfast flashed through our head, a few frantic phone calls, a trip to the local hardware store, and more than 5 extension cords later, the cooking began in earnest.

By midafternoon, cotton candy was made, popcorn was popped, and the snow cone machine was in action.  The office was ready to play a little game show that we like to call “How well do you know your Support Staff?”  A list had been compiled of unknown (and perhaps embellished) stories about each of our staff members.  Each game show question ended with …”Who am I?”

Our competitive panel of attorneys were quick to press their buzzers, more often than not, with wrong answers.  The audience (staff) were amused, to say the very least.    Our newest attorney, Patrick Bell, stole the victory for answering the most questions correctly.  However, it should be said, that we were all winners in this fun-packed expression of appreciation in honor of our truly wonderful staff.