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POTTER MINTON continues to follow the same principles that our founders established over 100 years ago: service to our clients and community; commitment to the highest standards of ethics and excellence in our legal work.

We are continuously searching for new products and systems that will allow us to streamline our performance and service. This ongoing effort is supported by the use of our current technology products and systems, ranging from state of the art computers and telecommunication systems, to imaged databases and High Speed Internet connectivity.

Fees for Professional Services

Our clients receive complete information regarding billing rates, fees, expenses, and billing procedures during an initial meeting with their attorney. Payment options are discussed as well as possible advance payment and final payment dates. Generally, attorneys and legal assistants charge hourly fees. Each timekeeper involved in a given matter keeps track of his or her time, and bills at a predetermined rate. There are matters when an hourly fee is not practical or feasible. On these occasions, alternatives in rate structures and billing arrangements include options such as fixed or task-based fees, contingent fees and discounted fees.

Engagement Letter

Prior to incurring any fees or expenses, our clients typically receive an Engagement Letter that clearly sets forth the hourly rates, expenses, payment information and the terms and conditions associated with representing them.

Records and Files

A final billing statement is issued at the conclusion of a matter. After payment is received, the file is closed and a portion of the file is archived for a period of time and then destroyed. Clients may have free access to the file for copies of any documents until it is archived. After it is archived, the Firm charges a fee to the client for retrieving records and documents from the file.