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Potter office holiday party photo scavenger hunt

“Twas a couple of weeks before the holidays, and all over the Square,
Was it really possible that Potter employees were taking photos with white reindeer?
Some observers gasped in awe, while others just stared.
Ugly Christmas sweaters were quickly compared.

Eyewitnesses mumbled, “What’s the matter?”
“And for pities sakes, what is all that clatter?”
When to their wondering eyes did appear, a man , a vision in red.
Behaving such, that many a  bystanders just shook their head.
It couldn’t be, but maybe it is.
The one, the only, the ol’ merry St. Nick.
Is he surrounded by elves and performing high kicks?

Twas only the Potter employees as some had rightfully suspected.
But who would have guessed
to such behavior would those attorneys have consented?”

The day began with everyone casting their votes for the ugliest/tackiest holiday sweater.  Most people will simply have an ugly holiday sweater competition, but when your office is filled with attorney’s you can count on debating whether it’s really “ugly” or “tacky”.

We compromised, and elected to have an ugly/tacky holiday sweater competition.

After lunch, is when the festivities took an unexpected turn.  No one suspected that a firm competition and photo scavenger hunt would require such silliness, and in such a public forum.  But the rules were set, award points were predetermined and the “Square” was their only boundary.

Employees began with a timed team competition to assemble a gingerbread house, while one arm was tied behind their backs.   Once completed, it was on to something we fondly refer to as Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB Gun Bullseye competition 2.0 (think the much beloved “A Christmas Story” movie).  This game required 1 bullseye, 1 can of silly string, and 1 eye patch per participant.  Then it was off to the pre-assembled candy cane raceway so teams could “blow” their rolling piece of candy down the raceway to the finish line.  Their assistance was that of only a straw.  Lastly, the Christmas snow bunny catch phrase competition, complete with peppermint marshmallows, was nearly impossible. The winner had 50 marshmallows in his mouth.

Phase 2 of the competition outlined a lengthy list of optional scavenger hunt tasks to be performed and/or photographed.  Some were not brazen at all, such as taking a picture of a red button.  This task elicited only 1 point for the team.  However, for each (male or female) fingernail or toenail painted with green glitter fingernail polish, it was an additional point.  Additional points were garnered when these same individuals displayed these colorful extremities to random strangers on an elevator and asked for the strangers approval of their manicures.  This was clearly the winning strategy for the Santa Stompers, as they stole the competition by daring to be so bold.

50 Point options were for the following tasks:  Riding of a stick pink pony around the Square while yelling “On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer on Vixen…” with all team members in tow; Group singing of a holiday song in Subway, complete with a conductor and his plastic laser sword; Proposals by a male team member wearing a purple unicorn hat, on bended knee to random strangers; Candy cane sword fights (with required sound effects); and indeed, there was Santa dressed in full regale, performing high kicks, arms linked with his teammates, singing “Santa Claus is coming to town”.