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Potter Minton Settles Class Action Lawsuit

Potter Minton routinely represents all types of defendants and has saved them millions of dollars. On occasion, cases for plaintiffs are prosecuted. This case began when a young couple learned certain information was not disclosed in a contract and escalated to a class action lawsuit with over 5,000 members. Potter Minton was called on to assist a couple who bought a home from a homebuilder that failed to disclose certain information regarding the purchase of their home. While investigating the case, Potter Minton discovered that the homebuilder had failed to disclose the same information to over 5,000 homebuyers.

With this information, three attorneys from Potter Minton, Mike Jones, and Glenn Thames filed a class action lawsuit against the homebuilder. Although the homebuilder tried to derail the case with a motion for summary judgment, a motion to compel arbitration, and numerous briefs opposing class certification, its efforts were defeated each time. The homebuilder appealed certain rulings, but ultimately agreed to settle the case by providing the class members with benefits and cash valued in excess of $1.3 million.

In addition to obtaining these benefits for the class, Potter Minton’s actions caused the homebuilder to change its way of doing business so as to provide future customers the missing information. The settlement was given final approval by the 114th District court of Smith County, Texas on October 30, 2003.

Potter Minton congratulates the homebuyers for their willingness and determination in serving as class representatives. Potter Minton further congratulates Mike Jones, and Glenn Thames for their efforts and dedication to this case.