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Leading Verdicts and Settlements in Texas

Texas Lawyer recently released 2004’s Leading Verdicts and Settlements in Texas, including Potter Minton in the top ten. This recognition pertains to Potter Minton’s partnering with Godwin Gruber of Dallas as the Plaintiff’s attorneys in an intellectual property case involving Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. and Smith International, Inc. Halliburton filed suit against Smith, claiming that Smith International’s IDEAS drill bit design process and drill bits made using that process infringe three Halliburton patents.

Halliburton’s Security DBS uses the technology disclosed in those patents  which enables roller cone drill bits to be designed to operate in a more balanced and efficient manner  in its Energy Balanced line of roller-cone bits. The case was heard in the Eastern District of Texas by Judge Leonard E. Davis. The Tyler jury returned a verdict in favor of Halliburton. The judgment came to $41 million. Potter Minton recognizes the  attorney responsible for this victory: Mike Jones, Managing Partner.